Sports Rehab

How important is sports injury rehab? That\’s a good question. If you have ever had a sports injury, and did rehab, then you know how important it is.
When an athlete suffers due to pain or injury, their performance is affected. We understand the special needs of athletes and the best ways to treat the injuries they incur.

In Sports Coaches look for players who are difference makers In Sports Rehab here are our Difference makers

#1 Difference Maker – Our Team

Who\’s on your sports medicine team? In addition to our physicians physical therapists, certified athletic trainers exercise physiologists we enlist the services of our skill coaches

Our sports medicine specialists handle initial injury evaluation, specific training, injury prevention, performance enhancement and pre-participation screenings. We work with a wide variety of athletes in virtually every sport, everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes.
Sports injury rehabilitation is based on several different things. The key is to return the body to normal function. Depending on the type of injury, there can be lots of different areas of dysfunction. The most common of these are mobility restrictions, strength deficits, and balance deficits.

The body is made up of hundreds of joints. Each joint has normal range of motions, as well as muscles that move the joint. If there are restrictions in the mobility of the joint, or in the efficiency of the muscles, dysfunction occurs.

#2 Difference Maker – Our Equipment

Equipped as well as any professional sports team facility and open for use by you

Equipment by:

  • Iron Grib Barbell Company
  • Dartfish
  • Power Lift
  • Life Fitness
  • New Leaf
  • Hammer Strength
  • Hydro Worx

The world’s best athletes and their teams use HydroWorx, shouldn’t you?

Texas Longhorns, Navy Seals, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Antonio Spurs, Manchester United, Nike, Stanford University, Notre Dame ,and Chelsea FC.

Aquatic Therapy is a great way to rest and rehab your overused muscles or injuries while continuing to workout at an intense level. Some people prefer to supplement their land-based exercises with workouts in a pool since exercising in water reduces the stress on joints and muscles that happens with land-based exercises.

The buoyancy of water allows you to continue running on the underwater treadmill or do exercises against the resistance jets. This enables you to maintain your fitness level even when your muscles are fatigued or injured.

After a hard workout, treat yourself to a deep penetrating massage to decrease lactic acid build-up in overworked muscles. This is a great feature for overall pain management.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Overuse or Athletic Injuries:

  • Increased mobility and strength
  • Maintain fitness levels
  • Decrease swelling
  • Pain relief
  • Removes weight from joints and bones

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