Functional Restoration Program


At Pro Medical, we know life sometimes throws you curve balls.Extensive surgery or a serious injury can result in a loss of mobility, a decreased active lifestyle, or simply being unable to perform daily tasks robbing you of independence. You may not only lose physical mobility, but experience a loss of confidence, or motivation.Pro Medical Functional Restoration and Retraining program helps patients regain independence and reduce the risk of flare up in symptoms. Therapies are focused on exercises and education to help restore function and allow patients to resume normal activities at home, at work or on the playing field.Our therapists closely monitor our client’s progress as personal rehabilitation benchmarks are established and achieved through a four step process:

  1. Measuring the individual’s function and limiting factor
  2. Identifying the physical demands required to restore function
  3. Developing a plan of care to achieve realistic functional goals
  4. Performing therapeutic activities


The Pro Medical staff knows the road to restoration isn’t always easy. It requires functional activities (repetitive exercises or dynamic activities) to improve balance, coordination, and building strength in multiple joints to obtain multi-directional movement.Pro Medical Functional Restoration includes these key activities:

  • Physioball training and stabilization
  • Plyometrics
  • Posture activities and body mechanics
  • Step down, squats, lifting, and overhead reaching

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