Our Facilities

Pro Medical at Mylan Park

Pro Medical is located within the Pro Performance Sports Plex the regions best Sports Training Rehab and Fitness Facility and part of the Mylan Park Complex.

Mylan Park is A 320 acre non-profit recreational and educational complex dedicated toward improving the quality of life of residents and visitors in North-central West Virginia.

Mylan Park is designed specifically to improve the quality of life for citizens in the region by fulfilling educational, recreational, social service and cultural needs that would otherwise go unmet.

Pro Performance Sports – Fitness Center Amenities

  • A 28,800-square-foot gym
  • Two 70 yard sprint training tracks (straight-aways)
  • A 48,600-square-foot FieldTurf Indoor field training arena
  • Harnesses, towing sleds and pulleys for proper speed enhancement
  • An automatic speed timing system to ensure accurate testing results
  • Biomechanical video analysis of a client’s performance technique
  • A reinforced band ball wall for power development
  • Four Olympic lifting platforms and 30 pieces of free-weight training equipment
  • More than 75 pieces of top-of-the-line strength training and cardiovascular equipment
  • A portable pitching mound and netting system
  • A staff that includes certified strength and conditioning specialists, certified Olympic 

Pro Medical Suncrest

Our New facility, conveniently located in central Morgantown, in Suncrest Town Centre, is home to both a state-of-the-art exercise facility and a new location for Pro Medical Rehabilitation.

Field Turf Arena

The Pro Plex arena at Pro Performance is a 270’x180′, Generation 8 FieldTurf surface. The Pro Plex area has the field markings for multiple sports, and can also be used for many rehabilitative exercises.

Aquatic Therapy

Pro Medical Rehab provides hydrotherapy. Our HydroWorx pool is a never-ending pool for swimming and is equipped with an underwater treadmill for rehabilitation purposes. The hot plunge and cold plunge pools, also used for rehabilitation purposes, are located in the aquatic therapy area.

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